The Top High Roller Gambling And Bonuses Guide

For the High Roller In All Of Us

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to the benefits of joining the exciting world of high roller gambling. When they become members of a dedicated online casino that is tailor-made to their needs, high rollers can receive a wide range of special bonuses and incentives as a reward for their loyalty. These include no withdrawal limits, loyalty points, higher deposit amounts and faster withdrawal times. Read on to find out more about the benefits of high roller online casino gaming.
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High Roller Friendly Features We Look For In a Casino And Sportsbook

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VIP Loyalty Programmes

Because there are lots of different VIP loyalty programmes to choose from, it is important to look carefully at what is actually being offered. Some of the best features include enhanced bonuses, exclusive offers and free spins, while some casinos also provide VIP members with a personalised service.
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High Roller

There are often special bonuses for high rollers who deposit a large amount of cash into their online gaming account. One of the most common of these is the 100% deposit match bonus, which allows players to double their money instantly, while free spins are also often awarded.
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No Withdrawal Limits

Most gambling sites put a restriction on the amount of cash that players can withdraw in a certain period. However, high rollers should search for online casinos that offer no withdrawal limits, as this will provide them with the freedom to withdraw the full amount of their winnings instantly.

High Roller
Gambling Sites With
No Bet Restrictions

Because high rollers typically need to transfer large amounts of cash into and out of their online gaming account on a regular basis, it is important to search for an online casino that does not put restrictions on this activity. People who are able to secure an unrestricted account will be able to withdrawal all of their winnings straight away when they strike it lucky, such as by winning Lottery Jackpots and other types of jackpots.
The main advantage to playing casino games for high stakes is that these slot games and table games typically have much higher RTPs, which means that high rollers have a much higher chance of winning. For those not already in the know, RTP stands for Return to Player and it relates to the percentage of money that the casino game pays back over time. Players who want the chance to win big will need to look for casino games with the highest RTPs, which are usually reserved for high rollers. While restrictions are put in place on betting accounts to help protect the liability of gamblers, this can be a serious constriction to high rollers, who are more likely to search for sites without restrictions.

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High Stakes Betting And Gambling Online

Betting and gambling online for high stakes online is particularly appealing to many people because they believe that the more they wager, the higher their chances are of winning. However, people who plan to play for high stakes need to establish a clear gaming strategy to help them to maximise their chances of winning Lottery Jackpots and other bonuses.
Experienced high rollers who regularly play for high stakes require enhanced security, as there will often be large sums of money in their online gaming account. It is essential that the online casino provides measures to make sure that the accounts of their high rollers cannot be accessed by third parties. Many high rollers also require assistance from an account manager, who will provide them with expert advice on how to manage their gaming behaviour so that they do not drain their account too quickly. Most online casinos that cater to high rollers provide the members of their VIP programmes with a dedicated accounts manager, who will always be available to provide them with the advice and assistance that they need.

High Roller Gambling Information: Best VIP Loyalty Schemes And Avoiding Bet Restrictions

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    The Definition Of A High Roller
    A high roller is someone who usually plays online casino games for high stakes. The high roller usually looks for casino games where there is either a very high betting limit or no limit at all and will think nothing of betting thousands of pounds or dollars on a single roll of the roulette wheel or a hand of poker. High rollers like to play for high stakes because of the rush of adrenaline they get, similar to an adrenaline junky who takes part in extreme sports. Although high rollers typically only make up only a small percentage of casino business, many online and traditional land based casinos go out of their way to offer high bet limits in order to attract high rollers. They will also provide their valued customers with additional extras, which are commonly known as ‘comps’. This may include a limousine service to collect high rollers from the airport and bring them straight to the casino as well free drinks, suites and much more. Many casinos offer their staff special incentives for identifying high rollers and signing them up to the casino’s VIP loyalty programme.
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    VIP Gambling
    There are lots of benefits to joining the VIP programme of a certain casino and the owners often go out of their way to provide the VIP member with extra care and attention to make sure that they have a pleasant experience. When they visit a land casino in a popular gambling area such as Las Vegas, high rollers are often treated like royalty, because the casino wants to show that they value the customer’s loyalty and attempts to encourage them to spend the majority of their time at that specific casino. Recognised high rollers are often treated to a special suit in the hotel of the casino as well as a meal a tickets for entertainment such as cabaret shows. High rollers also often have a member of the casino team at their beck and call, so that they can focus as much of their time and attention on gambling in the casino as possible. Many online casinos have sought to emulate this behaviour, so that their VIP customers are able to enjoy a first rate gambling experience from the comfort of their own home and are more likely to return to that online casino time and time again.
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    High Roller Vip Loyalty Schemes
    Many online gaming sites offer different types of loyalty schemes to keep players coming back for more. Players who join the VIP programme will be provided with their personal host, who will be available around the clock to provide them with assistance and answer any questions that they may have. VIP members are also provided with extra bonuses such as high roller rewards, free spins on particular games and access to exclusive tournaments. Many online casinos restrict certain games so that they can only be played by their VIP members, and these are often the games that can be played for the highest stakes and offer the largest jackpots. People who sign up to a VIP loyalty scheme will often be awarded with an attractive bonus straight away, as well as a special gift in the form of bonus cash to play with, free spins and much more. There are lots of different VIP loyalty schemes to choose from, so it is a good idea to have a good look around to see what is available before choosing the best option for the player’s unique gaming style and needs.
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    Whale Gambling
    A whale is a common term for a high roller who regularly wagers huge amount of money on certain types of casino games. The type of the game does not matter; it is the action of making high wagers that earns the gambler the status of being a whale. The term “whale” specifically comes from the poker gambling scene and dates back several decades and relates to the way that other poker players classify each other so that they can get a feel for they playing style and tactics. While weak poker players are usually referred to as “fish” and skilled professional poker players as referred to as “sharks”, whales are poker players who play for the highest stakes, which makes them the largest creatures in the metaphorical casino sea. However, the term “whale” does not refer to the skill of the player, simply the amount of money that they are willing to play for. Many professional poker players and players of other types of casino games go out of their way to cultivate friendships with unskilled whales. This is because they can be sure that the whale can be counted on to play for high stakes and consequently inflate the size of the pot.
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    Gambling Restrictions
    There are certain gaming restrictions that are placed on certain players to help promote responsible gaming, such as the fact that players must be 18 or over in order to become a member of an online casino. Restrictions are also usually placed on gamers in terms of the amount that they are allowed to deposit and withdraw from their online gaming account during a specified period of time. Both of these measures are intended to protect the gamer to help ensure that they do not wager more than they can actually afford to lose. In some cases, there are restrictions on how much players can wager to minimise the risks of the casino. High rollers who have a track record of consistently winning large amounts of cash may find that the casino places a restriction on the amount that they can wager.
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    Responsible Gambling
    The UK Gambling Commission provides online and land based casinos as well as all other types of gambling operators with their gambling licenses. The commission is also responsible for regulating bookmakers and protecting gamblers by ensuring that everyone involved follows the rules and regulations that have been set out under the Gambling Act 2014. All online gambling operators have to uphold the uppermost standards of responsible gambling if they wish to continue their operations. As part of the commitment to responsible gambling, certain limits are usually placed on the amount that can be wagered at a certain time. The commission also regularly checks the terms and conditions of casinos as well as individual games to make sure that the odds that are offered are fair and there is a reasonable chance of winning.
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    Operator Terms and Conditions
    It is important to note that each casino has its own set of terms and conditions that are legally binding and must be read carefully by potential players before signing up. While on the face of things these terms and conditions are written to protect the rights of players, in reality they are carefully written and worded by an experienced lawyer. Many of the terms that are used may be difficult to understand and first glance, at it may be tempting to simply click on the ‘agree’ box and complete the signup process. However, it is essential that players read these terms and conditions and make sure that they understand them, as they will be subject to the provisions that are listed throughout their gaming experience with the online casino.